From Mexico City to San Francisco


This year has been a dramatic year for Machina. A year of changes and evolution. From traveling to Switzerland to promote a new product, to start selling our products in one of the top 10 gadget, lifestyle shops in the US based in New York City. Therefore, meeting Billy Silva in Mexico City was something greater than perfect timing for us.


We applied to the Higher Circle funding platform with the objective to have capital to fulfill orders that we have in the US and to start selling in on our online store. We made it! Our application was approved. Higher Circle flew us to San Francisco to promote the brand and create awareness about our work and products.

Day 1
Breakfast at a coffee shop near the financial district. Reviewing logistics on both MACHINA events. Getting a headstart on what to expect and what not.

Billy Silva, CEO from Higher Circle and myself waiting for our breakfast.

We were also making time to meet Fernando Franco, Director of Latin SF. We had met Fernando last year, and got a really good perspective on our target market in San Francisco. So this time, we were better prepared on what we wanted to accomplish from now on in San Francisco.

Excited to be at the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce
Higher Circle and Machina after a very productive meeting at Latin SF

After meeting at the Latin SF headquarters we headed over to the Rocha Art Gallery to check on all the materials and management for our next day event. Rocha Art Gallery is relatively new and it is said by the locals that they have been doing some of the most interesting events, so the location was perfect!

Rocha Art Gallery

Our most productive first day was almost coming to an end. I ran to meet a long time friend and one of the first people to ever believe in Machina and me. Shaherose, CEO from Women 2.0. I met Shaherose back in 2012 in London at a Wired magazine event. After I gave my first live presentation, Shaherose jumped me when I was walking down the stage to invite to speak at her Women2.0 event launch back in Mexico City. After that, we have become very good friends. I can say she is one of the most inspirational women I haver ever met, she is such a great human being and awesome person to be around.

Shaherose helped us promote our Kickstarter campaign back in 2013, and she bought one of our rewards being our Hoodie with Speakers. She is one of our female brand ambassadors.


Day 2
It was the grand day! We were all very excited, I was between nervous and excited. Nervous because this was our first event in the US which focused 100% on us and not on other companies as well. As for Higher Circle and ourselves, we both arrived early, set everything up for our first event.

Around 150 people registered on eventbrite that would be attending. We expected around 35–50 people to arrive. We set up pictures with our products and the team for the audience to have a visual kind of experience to what Machina looks and feels like. Part of the gallery had our Hoodie with Speakers displayed in all different colors and sizes to be tested and sold.

#HCMachinaLive from Rocha Art Gallery

People started to arrive and take their seats. I was very happy to see some familiar faces, people who I have met or seen at previous events in the U.S. where we have presented.

The presentation went really well, by the end of my presentation people took really good and interesting pictures on our brand, the technology, our life as entrepreneurs. The event was a great success. There where more people than we expected, we reached around 65 attendees. In the crowd we could find entrepreneurs, tech savys, business professionals among others.


Some attendees mentioned there is almost a wearable technology event every single week but every time we present in the Bay Area, we are the ones to always cause a permanent reaction. These are the kind of comments we always find inspiring.

Click here to see more pictures on our Rocha Art Gallery event.

Day 3


Waking up feeling completely sick from a terrible gastritis and having even a high fever, off we were to Stanford University for our second event. After the long drive and lunch, I wasn’t actually sure if I was going to be able to make it. I am a very healthy person. I usually never get sick. And when I do, most of the times it’s because of stress. Quickly went to a CVS store popped some pills and got mentally prepared for my speech.

Higher Circle talks about Emerging Markets

I spoke about the entrepreneurial road I’ve taken, the falls Machina has taken and how have we’ve risen as a brand. Just like Rocha Art Gallery, attendees were truly blown away. They just couldn’t imagine the kind of lifestyle we have and how have we thrived. Most of all, people where really impressed with our brand and image.

There were a lot of interesting people with really thoughtful questions. They saw us as a true inspiration to get out there and follow their dreams. (At least that’s what a couple of people mentioned).


We will be back in October with a Pop Up Shop which will be placed in different locations around the Bay Area. We will be showcasing one of our newest products. Stay in touch with us through our social media channels so the next time that we are in town you can come have a look at our products.

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